Becoming Classically Trained.

Last night, we attended an Early Pregnancy workshop, at the Shining Light Prenatal Education center in Lawarenceville. The workshop was lovely. We ended up being the only people there, which made things intimate and cozy.

Shining Light’s owner Deena taught the class. She was wonderful. Warm, welcoming. She made us all tea before we began. The space they have there feels just so nice – warm tones, open, inviting. They also have childbirth education, breastfeeding, nutrition (making baby food!), prenatal yoga, fertility yoga, partner yoga. They let the Le Leche League use their space for meetings. Deena knows pretty much every resource I could personally ever want in the city.

In short – I could not more highly recommend Shining Light. I had been pretty sure I was going to go with the Bradley Birth Method again, as I had such good experiences with them in the past. But after meeting Deena, and feeling just so so comfortable in the space she’s created, I am seriously considering other options now. 🙂

Also. I feel reassured about our choice of midwives. And I got some information about home birth midwives, legalities, and such. We have fliers for every doula service in the city. Not to mention nutritionist contact information. And that’s in addition to all of the really super good information we learned in the workshop! Gracious! The things I didn’t know! (and I’ve done this a few times before, too!)

What a nice little evening. I cannot wait to do more of these things. 🙂


February 28, 2012. Uncategorized.

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