Ultrasound 2/25.


This morning, we had our follow up ultrasound. The previous three ultrasounds all showed a progressively growing gestational sac. Today we had hoped to at least see a clear yolk sac.

But my goodness, our expectations were exceeded. We saw a yolk sac, and an embryo, and got to see the Snapdragon’s little fluttering heart. Beating at 114bpm. So incredible. I was in awe. I cried. It was amazing.

The Snapdragon is measuring perfectly. They measured at 6w5d, which is exactly what I am today.

After the ultrasound, we went to a thrift store, where we purchased some clothing that will fit me with an expanding belly. And our first baby thing. And found some vintage things for my 13 year old daughter, which she is so thrilled with.

What a wonderful day. (in spite of being sick!)


February 25, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Liz replied:

    Oh my gosh, Ginger, amaaaazing. That fluttering heart beat is such a gift. I want to cry just thinking about you seeing it and crying!
    Please do check out BnB, I know you just posted, but I have a TMI question that I think you can answer 🙂

  2. parliamentarynesting replied:

    Hi Rainy! 😀

    I totally answered you over there. I hope it’s helpful. I’m so excited for your positive opk! I’m thinking lots of fertilizing thoughts for you. I’d do a fertility dance, but I’m too sick. So it’ll have to be a mental fertility dance instead. 😉

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