Becoming Classically Trained.

Last night, we attended an Early Pregnancy workshop, at the Shining Light Prenatal Educationย center in Lawarenceville. The workshop was lovely. We ended up being the only people there, which made things intimate and cozy.

Shining Light’s owner Deena taught the class. She was wonderful. Warm, welcoming. She made us all tea before we began. The space they have there feels just so nice – warm tones, open, inviting. They also have childbirth education, breastfeeding, nutrition (making baby food!), prenatal yoga, fertility yoga, partner yoga. They let the Le Leche League use their space for meetings. Deena knows pretty much every resource I could personally ever want in the city.

In short – I could not more highly recommend Shining Light. I had been pretty sure I was going to go with the Bradley Birth Method again, as I had such good experiences with them in the past. But after meeting Deena, and feeling just so so comfortable in the space she’s created, I am seriously considering other options now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also. I feel reassured about our choice of midwives. And I got some information about home birth midwives, legalities, and such. We have fliers for every doula service in the city. Not to mention nutritionist contact information. And that’s in addition to all of the really super good information we learned in the workshop! Gracious! The things I didn’t know! (and I’ve done this a few times before, too!)

What a nice little evening. I cannot wait to do more of these things. ๐Ÿ™‚


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Ultrasound 2/25.


This morning, we had our follow up ultrasound. The previous three ultrasounds all showed a progressively growing gestational sac. Today we had hoped to at least see a clear yolk sac.

But my goodness, our expectations were exceeded. We saw a yolk sac, and an embryo, and got to see the Snapdragon’s little fluttering heart. Beating at 114bpm. So incredible. I was in awe. I cried. It was amazing.

The Snapdragon is measuring perfectly. They measured at 6w5d, which is exactly what I am today.

After the ultrasound, we went to a thrift store, where we purchased some clothing that will fit me with an expanding belly. And our first baby thing. And found some vintage things for my 13 year old daughter, which she is so thrilled with.

What a wonderful day. (in spite of being sick!)

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Under things tumbling…

I am sick. Exhausted, sore throat, sneezy, runny nose, miserable icky sick. I have very little energy to even walk to the bathroom for the third time in ten minutes, which you know is just how things are when one is growing a little Snapdragon. However. I am also me. And. I am bored.

I am bored silly. I am bored out of my skull. All of this resting is so stressful! I simply cannot sit here doing nothing but watching Judge Judy (hey now it’s mindless alright) all the day through.

So. I’m doing laundry. And other things. Because I can’t just not do it. You shush you.

In the laundry today, so far (after three loads, with two more to go) I have found the following :

– 7 paper clips
– 5 rubber bands
– a rock
– a hair clip
– 3 beads
– a sharpie
– 3.21 in change
– a rubber bracelet
– an eraser shaped like a piece of sushi
– a binder clip
– a blue bic pen
– a tube of lip balm
– a matchbox car

None of these things are mine. I love my family so hard. I am *terribly* amused. I’ve decided to make a Lost And Found box. I’m totally going to decoupage all sorts of things they love all over it. It will be glorious.

I love how random and silly and wonderful my home is. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Settling into my new nest.


Returning to the strange and sometimes surreal world of blogs and internets feels… unnerving after such a prolonged absence. I feel as if I must stretch my muscles, as if atrophy set in and cobwebs grew on my fingertips. There is dust clogging my pores. Moss covering my skin.

And so it begins.

Basics : Mother of two amazing kidlings. Currently growing a third. Missing the ocean so much it is nearly painful, every day. Hyper-organized, highly productive, over scheduled, incredibly silly, and in awe of the world. Balancing a child-focused life with maintaining individual autonomy. Reveling in joy. Seeking beauty. Sucking out the marrow.

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